Endless Runner
(The Hotham?)

Endless Runner Mode - you can just keep on running as far as you can! It's like watching The Hotham - you never know when it will be over 😄

Improved Graphics
(Not just the start screen)

The 2017 edition has a fresh start screen, an all new set of horses that begin racing from a standing start, improved finish line and a newly themed look & feel 😍

Android / PC / Mac / Linux
(Sorry folks, no iOS yet)

FREE on Android and a measly $2.95 for the desktop version - that's about the cost of a single Sydney coffee and you get updates forever ☕️

Spring 2017 Updates! Time for the Spring Carnival release!

There's been a lot of behind the scenes work preparing the code base for exciting new features:

Available Now:

  • Improved graphical elements
  • New set of horses
  • Race begins from standing start
  • Race progress (see how far to go)
  • Themed user interface

Coming Soon:

  • Achievements
  • Shared leaderboards
  • Multiplayer! Race head-to-head with friends and family!
  • Improved game mechanic: watch the race, not the buttons

Super easy to play. You don't need to know anything about horse racing.

When the left button lights, press it!

When the right button lights, press it!

You're now a speed freak jockey!

It's so easy, if you can't even think of a name for your horse, the built in horse name generator has over 2100 names you can already use!

2017 - A Game Changer! An indie game that's a labour of love.

This project began as a last minute sprint the weekend before Melbourne Cup in 2014 with the original game being made in just 4 hours!

Prior to 2017 it had become a 'tradition' to add a little more to the game in time for Melbourne Cup.

Now it's different - this game has brought me in touch with the high spirits that embrace the horse racing community. Although I'm certainly not a seasoned punter, I now know the thrill of the race and the highs and lows that make the community so exciting and enthusiastic!

I'm one bloke who has grown to love the races, and this game is my little tribute.

I hope you enjoy it! Let me know if you like it! If you don't, then please send me your constructive criticism 😄